Meet Joey – Skyrove Movie at Enablis Expos??

We presented at the Enablis Expos?? last Thursday evening. The format of the evening was 7 entrepreneurs with 7 minutes each. It was our first chance to present Skyrove on a “stage”. It gave us the opportunity to showcase Skyrove a bit and also to practise our presentation skills for an upcoming “Elevator Pitch” at a Cape Town VC.

From my past experiences I knew only one thing: I hate PowerPoint presentations! We were scheduled to present last, and I anticipated that it would be very hard to get people’s attention!

With only a week to prepare, I got hold of a friend whose brother is a prodigy when it comes to doing animations and short films. I drew a very rough storyboard and Adrian went home and did the drawings, animations and sound effects in 5 days of non-stop, no-sleep work!

It still needs a voice-over before we can put it on our website, but it worked like a charm for our presentation and we were swarmed with queries about Skyrove!

Click here to see the presentation (with my own, amateur voice-over). It’s a short PowerPoint presentation (I couldn’t escape it entirely) with the movie on the last slide.

I followed VentureBlog’s “The Dos and Don’ts of Presenting at DEMO” religiously. Particularly the first point: “DEMO is all about demonstrating your product”. Of the 7 entrepreneurs who presented I think i only understood what 2 of them were actually doing. Many people were telling the audience how much money they made last year or who their biggest customers were.

You only have 7 minutes, so let your product shine!

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