The Best Books In Life Are Free

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Seth Godin recently published his book “The Bootstrapper’s Bible” online for a limited period of two weeks. Unfortunately, the book is not ‘officially’ online anymore, but I downloaded it and thought it so absolutely brilliant and completely essential to the starting entrepreneur that I just had to post it online.

An insight from his book:

“You need to start before you start. Figuring out which business to be in is one of the most important things you can do to ensure the success of your new venture, yet it’s often one of the most poorly thought out decisions bootstrappers make.”

It reminded me of a function I recently attended where Canadian telecoms magnate Charles Sirois was the keynote speaker. He put it in an interesting, uniquely Canadian way: “It doesn’t matter how good your canoe is, it’s the lake that matters! Even if you have the fanciest canoe in the world, if the lake is busy drying up, you’ll find yourself at the bottom of it with all the other crappy canoes.”