Facebook Chat and More

This is in response to Mike Stopforth’s recent post about Facebook Chat

Facebook Chat also has me on Facebook again, but just a little. Facebook has definitely lost its lustre. There’s just too much crap I have to scroll through on most people’s profiles simply to leave them a Wall post.

I really want to do the following:
1. See what you’re up to
2. See your photos!
3. Write you a quick Wall note
4. Poke you, but NOT hug, kiss or slap you

What I’d like to see:

* Show me HOW I’m connected to someone, ala LinkedIn.
* Everyone on Facebook putting their phonenumbers up. I use Facebook as an address book. If your phonenumber is not up there, it probably means your Facebook friends aren’t your friends at all.

For crying out loud get rid of:

* Applications that serve absolutely no purpose, e.g. Zombie invites
* FunWalls, SuperWalls, OffTheWalls

What do you think?

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