iTunes Account Anywhere

I am lucky in that I used to live in Australia when I set up my iTunes account.

However, if you’re stuck in South Africa (or anywhere in the developing world) and didn’t take advantage of your gap year abroad to get access to the widest variety of music, TV shows and movie rentals, there still is a way to get access.

I’m going to use the US iTunes store for this example:

1. Open a US PayPal account. Give the address of a friend in the USA. Do NOT give a fake address. It will cause problems later on.

2. Link your South African credit card to this PayPal account

3. Open an iTunes / Apple ID account. Give the same address as in Step 1.

4. When asked about payment method, simply use your US PayPal account. Do not give your credit card details, as Apple will detect your credit card is non-US. However, they do not have direct access to this information when you sign up through PayPal!

And that’s about it, really.

I Drive PRO, Do You?

I drive K53. Well, at least mostof the time. I always use my indicators; the proper way. Meaning I turnthem on before I start changing lanes and I switch them off once I’mfully in the other lane. Heck, I even use them on a dirt road.

I do this even though many times the K53 rule might seem a bitsilly. The reason I do this is because I believe in the philosophy of the K53 driving system.

Istrongly believe that if everyone in SA started driving K53 style, wewould reduce our road death toll from ??10,000 to less than a 100.

The problem is that it’s just not sexy driving K53. It’s not sexyto always have both hands on the steering wheel or to take a turnwithout cutting through the white line.

We need to make K53sexy. And the first thing that needs to change is the name. I suggestrenaming it to “Drive PRO System”. An advertising campaign couldaccompany this with Sarel van der Merwe saying something like: “I DrivePRO, do you?”.

Then make bumper stickers with this slogan. Then get BMW, GM,Toyota etc involved to give away free cars to people spotted with thebumper sticker (and perhaps observed for 5 minutes without breaking anyDrive PRO rules)

It’s definitely not cool to say at a party that you drive K53…Well, not if you want to be the life of the party in any case. However,to Drive PRO will send a different message altogether. And very soon,those people who don’t Drive PRO will beseen as idiots who come from Bellville and don’t know how to handle a car.

Waterfront Parking Rip-Off

So I went to the movies tonight with friends. Afterwards, we walked to the parking lot to find our cars were coincidentally parked next to each other! So we chatted for a bit.

I was concerned at some point that we would need to leave soon, as the parking ticket might expire. I checked the ticket and saw that I still had a full 11 minutes to get out of the parking garage.

We said our goodbyes and proceeded to the exit, only to have the machine spit the ticket back out, saying that the Exit Time had expired! Despite there being another 6 minutes left!

You see, the parking meter system at the Waterfront runs about 12 minutes fast!

Instead of just opening the boom, the parking attendant insisted that I go back to the parking machine and pay an additional R2! This despite me having paid for 5 hours of parking (and having used about 2 1/2 hours of this).

He acknowledged that their clock was running fast and that many people have this problem but said he could do nothing about it!

Anyways, he gave me the name of his manager, Mr Michael Beelders. (Google him)

Mr Beelders, I am not sure if you have unwittingly stolen money from the public, but make no mistake: Every R2 you collected from people in this method is simply petty theft and you should be ashamed of yourself.

I suggest you quickly figure out how much money you’ve pilfered in this manner and make an equivalent donation to charity.

Really, doing the right thing is not that hard.

Oh, and may I suggest you fix the clock on your machines.