I Drive PRO, Do You?

I drive K53. Well, at least mostof the time. I always use my indicators; the proper way. Meaning I turnthem on before I start changing lanes and I switch them off once I’mfully in the other lane. Heck, I even use them on a dirt road.

I do this even though many times the K53 rule might seem a bitsilly. The reason I do this is because I believe in the philosophy of the K53 driving system.

Istrongly believe that if everyone in SA started driving K53 style, wewould reduce our road death toll from ??10,000 to less than a 100.

The problem is that it’s just not sexy driving K53. It’s not sexyto always have both hands on the steering wheel or to take a turnwithout cutting through the white line.

We need to make K53sexy. And the first thing that needs to change is the name. I suggestrenaming it to “Drive PRO System”. An advertising campaign couldaccompany this with Sarel van der Merwe saying something like: “I DrivePRO, do you?”.

Then make bumper stickers with this slogan. Then get BMW, GM,Toyota etc involved to give away free cars to people spotted with thebumper sticker (and perhaps observed for 5 minutes without breaking anyDrive PRO rules)

It’s definitely not cool to say at a party that you drive K53…Well, not if you want to be the life of the party in any case. However,to Drive PRO will send a different message altogether. And very soon,those people who don’t Drive PRO will beseen as idiots who come from Bellville and don’t know how to handle a car.

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