iTunes Account Anywhere

I am lucky in that I used to live in Australia when I set up my iTunes account.

However, if you’re stuck in South Africa (or anywhere in the developing world) and didn’t take advantage of your gap year abroad to get access to the widest variety of music, TV shows and movie rentals, there still is a way to get access.

I’m going to use the US iTunes store for this example:

1. Open a US PayPal account. Give the address of a friend in the USA. Do NOT give a fake address. It will cause problems later on.

2. Link your South African credit card to this PayPal account

3. Open an iTunes / Apple ID account. Give the same address as in Step 1.

4. When asked about payment method, simply use your US PayPal account. Do not give your credit card details, as Apple will detect your credit card is non-US. However, they do not have direct access to this information when you sign up through PayPal!

And that’s about it, really.

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