How To Spell “Sequoia Capital” Properly

First, if you didn’t know, Sequoia Capital are the guys who invested in Google, YouTube, Cisco, NVIDIA and a whole host of other exciting clients.

The problem is: It’s pretty hard to spell “Sequoia” correctly, being such a weird word. A google search for “Sequia Capital” will give you more than a 1000 results!

I reckon that the spelling is part of a filter. If you can’t spell it right, then your emails won’t go through. Perhaps they even have a Word macro at Sequoia that shreds up business plans with the name misspelt, as they come through the door!

I personally had to ask my friend and investor, Vinny Lingham how to do it properly.

Anyways, the spelling is pretty easy to remember if you’re a true geek. And the reason for this is simple: geeks recognize patterns.

So in the interest of spreading geekness (syn: awesomeness) here’s the Sequoia pattern:

1. Notice that all five vowels are present in the word “Sequoia”.

2. Start with the “Seq” (if you can’t remember this part, don’t bother sending your business plan to them)

3. You now have 4 vowels left; in alphabetical order they are: A, I, O, U.

4. Put them in REVERSE alphabetical order: U, O, I, A

5. Now add these vowels the “Seq” we discussed in point 2 above.

And there you have it! SeqUOIA

Disclaimer: I accept no responsibility for increased email traffic to Sequoia!

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