Pepper Spray Security Systems

This morning my wife and I dropped off her car at Reeds Motor Cape Town for a service.

While in the service area with the car inspector, people started streaming out of the adjoining reception area. The car inspector told us that someone had set off pepper spray in the reception area.

Soon afterwards, the pepper spray reached into the service area, and my wife started feeling the effects with coughing and sneezing and a stinging sensation to our eyes and throats. With the rest of the staff in the service area, we also vacated the premises.

There a staff member told us that they had recently installed a pepper spray security system attached to their plasma screens, and that one of the staff members had accidentally triggered the sensor!

The use of pepper spray in South Africa is only legal when done in self-defense. Pepper Spray has been shown to cause fatalities. (More than 61 deaths in the US alone since 1991)

Furthermore, anyone using pepper spray as anything but a defensive weapon can still be charged with a firearms offense.

I suppose it’s yet another example of Wild West South African mentality. Let’s risk attacking our customers and employees with pepper spray, just so long as we don’t lose our plasma screens!

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