Mate of the Week – EverNote

If like me, you struggle to keep your notes and thoughts together, you might want to take a look at EverNote.

EverNote is like Google Notebook on steroids. Google Notebook is being phased out as we speak. They are no longer signing up on new users and both EverNote and Zoho Notebook are helping users to import their notes from Google Notebook.

The beauty of EverNote is that it syncs across phones (but not S60, yet), PCs and Macs! I find their Mac application to be wonderfully slick and much more responsive than the Google Notebook plugin for Firefox ever was. It also helps that I can easily add notes and photos from applications other than my web browser to EverNote.

A nice little feature on the desktop app is that I can easily paste from the clipboard into Evernote (Ctrl-Command-V) or take a screenshot that gets copied directly to EverNote (Ctrl-Command-C)

Have a look at the video below for a tour of Evernote:

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