Google Latitude Tells Mates Where You Are


Google just launched Google Latitude, a nifty little mobile phone app that will show your friends, wife and boss exactly where you are! (And hopefully lets you know where they are as well…)

Of course, my first thought was to put it on my somewhat pricy Nokia E71 as a simple security tool, provided it would automatically send its coordinates. However, it looks similar to Vodacom’s TheGrid in the sense that it will only give away your location when you manually send an update.

Either way, as with Google Book Search, Google did not think any African country was important enough to provide this service to.

UPDATE: Jonathan Endersby just informed me that Google Latitude is available in South Africa, but you can only download it by going to using your mobile phone’s browser. 

Of course, South Africa has for sometime now had a local offering in the form of TheGrid, but I’ve steered away from TheGrid mostly because of privacy concerns. TheGrid pretends to be a funky young startup, but in actual fact is owned by Vodacom and I feel almost as if they are trying to hide this fact.

 In the meantime i’ll stick with PhoneLocator. In addition to displaying your location on google maps, you can also choose to show your location on, which has significantly better street info for South African cities.

Google Latitude Intro Video below (link):

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