Smarten Up iPhone!

Simon Dingle wrote a great article about perfecting the iPhone that I wish some folks in the Apple Ivory Tower would read. He points out the lack of core features such as being able to send vCards or forward SMS messages.

He then goes on to point some of the things he doesn’t miss, and specifically sets his sights on MMS: “Get over it kids, you don’t need MMS”.

Simon is not the first person to say this to me. And every time it happens, I feel as if I just got told by my grandmother that I “just don’t need the internet”. If she never needed it, why should I?

Speaking of grandmothers: Nothing comes close to being be able to MMS family photos to PC illiterate grandmothers! (And don’t even try to teach them to use something called an “application” on their phone)

MMS is a natural progression from SMS and I think it was Just Plain Dumb for Apple not to implement this.

If the argument is that multimedia could be sent by email, why then bother with SMS if you could simply force everyone to use iChat?

Or go a step further and take out the GSM chip and only allow you to make VoIP calls over WiFi networks?

Maybe the iPhone should smarten up a bit before calling itself a ‘smartphone’.

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