The Truth About Natura Rescue Remedy

I’ve heard a couple of friends and family swear by Natura Rescue Remedy, “for Shock, Anxiety & Sleeplessness”. So I thought I’d do a bit of research. Here’s what I found: 

Firstly, let’s have a look at the ingredients listed on the Natura website. (The ingredients don’t actually matter, but more about that later.)

  • Ambra grisea D6
  • Banisteropsis caapi Spag D60
  • Clematis vitalba (Clematis) aqua inf.
  • Helianthemum nummularium (Rock Rose) aqua inf.
  • Impatiens glandulifera (Impatiens) aqua inf.
  • Melissa officinalis Spag D3
  • Moschus moschiferus D6
  • Ornithogalum umbellatum (Star of Bethlehem) aqua inf.
  • Prunus cerasifera (Cherry Plum) aqua inf.

Let’s look at each of these in turn:

Ingredient Natura Says In reality
Ambra Grisea supports the functioning of the nervous system to treat anxiety, fear, hypersensitivity, shyness and numbness of the body. biliary secretion of the intestines of the sperm whale … was used as a fixative in perfumery
Banisteriopsis caapi helps calm extreme nervous hypersensitivity
Hallucinogenic used by native American tribes and some religious sects. Entheogenic.
Clematis is a flower essence indicated for inability to focus on reality and the present and is useful in the treatment of shock. Essentially toxic. Causes internal bleeding of the digestive track. Despite its toxicity, it was used by Native Americans in small amounts to treat migraines.
Rock Rose is the flower essence that relieves extreme fear and a feeling of panic This is a good nectar source for bees
Impatiens glandulifera acts on the nervous system to relieve irritability, restlessness, hyperactivity and impatience When crushed has a strong musky odour.
Melissa Officinalis has a carminative and sedative action to help induce restful sleep, prevent insomnia, soothe irritability and help cope with stress and tension.
Wikipedia actually notes one study that did find it “may” relieve stress, though even the authors of this study state that further research is needed to confirm it. 
Don’t expect much from this as Natura dilutes this ingredient 1000 times before adding it in with the mix of other ingredients.
Moschus moschiferus acts on the central nervous system to relieve fainting, shock, anxiety and fear
Siberian Musk Deer. Hunted for its musk gland (believed to have aphrodisiac qualities). Classified as a threatened species by CITES. 
Now Natura is helping to kill endanged animals!
Star of Bethlehem is the principle flower essence specifically indicated for shock Wikipedia says: “The plant is toxic.”
Cherry Plum is a flower essence that acts on the nervous system to treat anxiety and fear Wikipedia says: “excellent for jam making”


Hopefully by now you’ve figured out that Natura is trying to fool people and relieve them of their money, rather than their anxiety. Firstly, not a single one of the ingredients has been proven to have any of the effects Natura proclaims. Furthermore, the ingredients are so dilute that they wouldn’t have any effect in any case.

If you thought that you’d at least get a little bit high from Banisteriopsis caapi as the Native Americans did, think again. It is diluted 1×10^60 times before it’s added. This means that there is 1 part of this in every 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 parts of water. That’s a pretty big number. Let me try put this another way: It will take 2 billion doses, per second, to 6 billion people, for 4 billion years, to deliver a single molecule to any one patient.

I.e. you haven’t a snowball’s chance in midsummer to get any effect from Banisteriopsis Caapi. 

And that ain’t the end of it! Hold on to your chair for this one:

According to homeopathy principles, the more dilute the solution, the stronger the effects! I kid you not.


Now, I know some of you reading this are saying: “But I’ve tried homeopathy and it works for me!”. And this may well be true, because of the Placebo Effect, and it has indeed been scientifically proven that Placebos do help with symptomatic relief.

The question is: How much are you willing to pay for a Placebo?


Please share this article with your friends and family. Even if Rescue might have no effects on your body, the long-term effect on the environment from manufacturing and distribution of these remedies is highly destructive.


92 thoughts on “The Truth About Natura Rescue Remedy

  1. Thank you for posting the reasearch. For those who says it does work, it may have to do with the 36% alcohol.

  2. I don’t use homeopathic medicines generally, but Natura Rescue tablets really do work. Don’t knock it unless you’ve tried it. The tablets do not have alcohol in, and nothing else helps me sleep without side effects and I’ve been using this amongst others (which have always had some negative) for years. It settles my restless legs and I sleep fabulously and yes it does work for restless kids too. Yes you are right they are so diluted they are definitely not toxic, but you are wrong about all the other stuff and it’s clear you don’t have any scientific background. ALso you clearly haven’t tried it.

  3. would you rather be taking medicine for depression that makes you shake like an old person, hair falling out , attacking your liver, gaining or losing weight . ext ext ext I’m talking about experience you will then be given a tab to counteract the bad symptoms and another to counteract those. Rescue is very inexpensive compare to the thousands you spend on perscribed meds.

  4. You obviously have no idea about how homoeopathy works… Don’t talk about things you don’t know anything about.

  5. It occasionally works a little better than the placebo effect… which is 1 out of 2 times, if I’m not mistaken… which is pretty great.

    What’s the alternative? Telling yourself it’s all in the mind does relieve any symptoms nearly as well, there’s clearly a niche for curing psychosomatic ills… 🙂

    And then there’s the profound conflict of interest that capitalism has with health care… where’s the profit in healing? What’s a Hippocratic oath to a pharmacist?

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  6. I started using Natura Rescue after it being recommended by a Gastric Surgeon on diagnosing be with an extreme case of irritable bowl syndrome, brought on by severe long term stress. I can tell you now it works for me. I am also in the habit of investigating individual ingredients and came up with the same info on the separate ingredients. So I can tell you I certainly was not convinced that this would have any effect on my stress at all. I decided to give it a go, since I was given a complimentary bottle by the surgeon and really had nothing to lose. I can vouch for the results and suspect that it is the combination of products that has the effect.

  7. <p>Yes, just because it's called a placebo doesn't mean that it doesn't do anything. The only way to get the benefit of the 50% success rate of a placebo, is to actually take one. :-)</p>

  8. You are clearly an ignorant person–just reading your riveting "wikipedia research" has lead me to believe you probably have some sort of learning disability or are mildly retarded (as in intellectually slow or mentally challenge). How you ever figured out to make a blog is a mystery. How can anybody read wikipedia and think you are actually doing research??? Its people like you that cause such destruction and problems in the world today because you publicly speak of things that you are absolutely wrong about–its completely slanderous. What were your intentions by posting this–other than clearly to display the problems you have with your family members taking these herbal products to better themselves? Instead of continuing to be a useless human being that tries to bring others down, why don’t you educate yourself to actually better yourselfps if you knew anything about the science of the human body you would also know the placebo effect is actually real, not just a "coincidence" as you lay men (that means uneducated people) call it. But if you actually read a book you would know this

    • Dear “your new teacher”: It’s always fun seeing such passionate personal attacks from people who choose to remain anonymous! But anyways, regarding ignorance… I think you meant to use “libellous”, rather than “slanderous”. Similarly, try “it’s” instead of “its” where appropriate. Did you mean to append a ‘d’ to “mentally challenge”? It’s people like me who cause such destruction and problems in the world? Enlighten me then, how does your personal and cowardly anonymous attack help to increase knowledge or make the world a better place? Besides for not saying anything of value whatsoever, you also single-handedly managed to sodomise the English language! I did not for one moment suggest that the placebo effect is a “coincidence”; my article states very clearly that the placebo effect has indeed been scientifically proven to work. (For more information on this, read Ben Goldacre’s book “Bad Science” and check out his website: p.s. I studied anatomy, physiology, endocrinology, haematology, physics, chemistry, zoology and many other subjects at university level. Have you ever done a single scientific experiment in a lab? Do you understand the concept of empirical evidence?p.p.s. One of the foremost scientific journals in the world, Nature, published a study showing that Wikipedia is, in fact, as accurate as the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

      • ^ Best. Reply. Ever.

        (…and yes, the excessive punctuation was intentional. Were the shoe on the other foot, I’d be having a field day with my ‘mental red Sharpie’ as well.) 😉

  9. Re Wikipedia: not to mention, many times more peer reviewed.

    If you want to change the world – why not study a subject you are passionate about, do research, meet peers in the field, have them review your work, do case studies and publish it, and share your knowledge on Wikipedia for everyone to learn from?

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  10. I believe if you are determined to prove something wrong you can find the information you are looking for to help you believe you are right, and this information put together in the right context looks great and makes sense, but the same can be done with mainstream medicine for example… “Chemotherapeutic techniques have a range of side-effects that depend on the the type of medications used. These side-effects include- Depression of the immune system which can result in potentially fatal infections, Gastrointestinal distress ??? Nausea and vomiting are common side effects, this can also produce diarrhoea or constipation. Malnutrition and dehydration can also result. And some others include Cardiotoxicity (heart damage), Hepatotoxicity (liver damage), Nephrotoxicity (kidney damage), Encephalopathy (brain dysfunction) and Infertility.

    and from “We briefly have viewed the miserable results obtained by orthodox surgery and radiation. However, the record of so-called anti-cancer drugs is even worse. The primary reason for this is that most of them currently in use are highly poisonous, not just to cancer but to the rest of the body as well. Generally they are more deadly to healthy tissue than they are to the malignant cell. All substances can be toxic if taken in sufficient quantity. This is true of aspirin, sugar, Laetrile, or even water. But, unlike those, the anti-cancer drugs are poisonous, not as a result of an overdose or as a side-effect, but as a primary effect. In other words, their poisonous nature is not tolerated merely as a necessary price to pay in order to achieve some desired effect, it is the desired effect.”

    And yes the placebo effect works, and I truly believe the mind has a huge ability to overcome an illness when it believes it has help. But I have also seen animals been treated by homeopathy and given we cannot influence an animal’s beliefs I cannot see how the placebo effect has anything to do with their results.

    I did not for one moment suggest that the placebo effect is a “coincidence”; my article states very clearly that the placebo effect has indeed been scientifically proven to work. (For more information on this, read Ben Goldacre’s book "Bad Science" and check out his website:

    the thing is we live in a world which is full of people who are adamant they are right and consider themselves superior to those who believe otherwise. i am not implying that anyone here fits in to these categories but these are human traits not to be ashamed of but we should be aware of this in ourselves and remember that it is not any particular type of person that causes destruction and problems in the world, its when people react to others beliefs and try to force their own on others and believe they have a right to do so, that is when all the negative results occur. we can all be to blame. We have to remember we have no right to tell others they are wrong and ignorant for believing otherwise, because fact is, no matter is, no matter how well we are educated, no matter how much we study any amount of subjects, we will never fully understand how anything in the world works and also remember, most people will never study somthing they are determined is wrong as much as somthing they are determined is right therefore we will always be sure we are right because thats all we have proved to OURSELVES.Mags

    • Mags, can you please provide any evidence that homeopathy works in animals? The problem is that homeopathy is actually harmful to society. Not because of the actual pills that are sold for a pretty penny, but because of the influence that homeopaths have on their patients. So when homeopaths tell patients not to immunize their children, they endanger us all. Your philosophical discourse on “being wrong” is the type of solipsism that I usually only find in people who start to discover that reality doesn’t agree with their own delusions. So rather than admit they are wrong, they take a view of “everybody is wrong and everybody is right and it’s all just personal experiences” rather than facing the facts.Here’s another website that tries to explain how homeopathy works;

      • Hello I would like to add my humble reply. I’m no doctor I have no scientific background but I had been a person who rescued injured wild animals and did my best to help them so they could be released back into the wild. This not only included the injured but orphaned baby animals too. I didn’t know much about homeopathy but someone suggested the rescue remedy to me for use in helping in reducing shock in injured & orphans. Before using this remedy I had a 95% mortality rate of baby wild bunnies. I even had vets involved from the first and with their help the bunnies still died. The veterinarian stated that it was caused from shock and mortality rate was 95% or higher. That had never heard of small wild bunnies being successful rehabilitated for release But after I started the use of this remedy and not changing anything else I had a higher success in rehabing baby bunnies and they had healthy check ups from the vets before release I found that it helped with the stress in many injured animals including birds. Is it a coincidence? Maybe but from years of experience, I don’t think so. I don’t know about homeopathies other remedies & I would never suggest someone to replace their Medical treatment without deep research. It would be a scary thought for me to put complete trust in it like for cancer ect. But I do think the rescue remedy is awesome for stress related problems for humans or animals. And I do take it myself….
        Thank you

  11. Henk, I have just seen this message. I didnt make the comment because I desire an ongoing debate, it was simply somthing I wanted to say at the time. I am exausted and have no desire to gather evidence to prove anything about what I believe. I know when someone is determined to prove themselves right to others. I however am not as iv learned from experience that its not worth the hassle. but i will say one thing, on the part "homeopathy is actually harmful to society. Not because of the actual pills that are sold for a pretty penny, but because of the influence that homeopaths have on their patients." the same can be said about mainstream medicine (except for the ‘pretty penny part) im not saying mainstream med is all crap, hey i still take paracetamol when i need to 🙂 Anyway, I have little doubt that you will reply telling me im a coward and am avoiding continuing this debate as i have no evidence to support my statements or somthing along the lines and thats fine, you say what you need to say. your opinion on me or my opinions are not important to me as i dont even know you and iv had these debates and heard the opinions from my brother. im well used to it. Take care Henk. 🙂

    • Mags, when I asked you for evidence on homeopathy working on animals, it was a rhetorical question Regarding paracetamol: It has known effects and side-effects that are transparent. There’s no “magic” being claimed nor denial from doctors about these side effects. When more side-effects are found, these are studied and replicated and discussed – all in full public view. That is the basis of medical ethics. And not doing research in this way is simply unethical. Regardless of who is wrong or right. Henk p.s. I reserve the “coward” word for people who make personal attacks anonymously, not for people who simply disagree with me.


        • Hi RIA,

          Based on your angry ALL CAPS comment, I suspect the homeopathic remedies you recommend aren’t working for you. 😉

          • Thumbs up to you and your comment Ria. From the comments I’ve read, Geekrebel (Geek is a good choice) is a massive know it all, and like this blog, mostly irrelevant, very disrespectful and very irreverent. Whether it’s pharmaceuticals or Natural Remedies like Homeopathy and the Bach Flower Remedies, what works for one may not work for another. Since I’m on a number of necessary prescription medications, I am very, very careful about including many so-called natural remedies. I stick to the basics and what I know is safe. Many people think that because something is called ‘natural’ they can go just ahead and take it. For example, if you’re on anti-depressants you don’t take St. John’s wort. You’d be amazed at how many people don’t realize they can cause themselves serious problems by combining the two. As far as I know, the Bach Flower Remedies are safe but I have not found Rescue Remedy helpful at all. My little dog has severe separation anxiety and wakes up many nights having a panic attack, howling. We didn’t get him until he was 7 mos old and wonder if something could have happened to him with the first owners. When awake and running around ‘Rocky’ is the most fun, energic little 6 lb. dog who brings immense joy to me and to all who meet him. I consider him a gift from God. My intentions are to try and find someone who knows more than I do to try and find something that eases some deep down emotional distress. The woman (wonderful person) who gives me acupuncture said that she could put together a remedy for me to try on him and I feel it’s at least worth a try. However, I want to take him in to meet her thinking maybe she includes some kind of muscle testing appropriate for animals. I know he would freak out actually getting acupuncture.

      • Hello Geek.. Why all the big words..? Are you trying to prove you’re an intellectual human being? And by the way if there are spelling/gramatical errors, it’s because I have a 9 month old baby around me the whole time so I do apologise profusely in advance..!! You write about people anonomously attacking you (as per your word “cowards”) but you are attacking them right back..!!! (Yes, I love my punctuations??) That’s kind of the pot calling the kettle black..! You start off by saying how bad Natura Rescue Drops are and then as soon as the first person contradicts you, or tries to give you their opinion, you shoot them in the foot..!! If it’s the placebo effect that’s working or the product itself, what does it matter..!! Bottom line is IT WORKS!!! I would rather be using this “from the devil himself” product (placebo or no placebo) than end up in tomorrow’s newspaper as the horrible Mom who drowned her baby cause she wouldn’t stop crying and Mommy was at her wits end..!!! Do you have an actual job or do you just stalk the internet looking at which sites you can use your big words to try and make yourself sound clever…?

        Lizanne Botha..

        • Lizanne, I truly hope that you and your baby are safe. Of course you are free to buy any products you wish, but the reason why I feel placebos are unethical is because it may prevent people from seeking real help.

          I believe that you don’t mean to drown your baby, and that you said that as hyperbole, but if you ever get to that point of frustration, the following numbers may be of help:

          To contact a counsellor between 8am-8pm Monday to Sunday,
          Call: 011 234 4837 / Fax number: 011 234 8182

          For a suicidal Emergency contact us on 0800 567 567

          24hr Helpline 0800 12 13 14

          SMS 31393 (and we will call you back)

  12. Hey Henk,I know it was a rhetorical question but i was acknowledging that the question does exist. i have seen it work but unfortuantly i was too young at the time to be aware of so much doubt in people to think of documenting it every time, and now as i have grown up, my life has grown away from animals. but im happy with what my life has thought me in my 30 years. but for all i do believe i dont believe in magic, but i do believe in things being too difficult or complicated for me to understand how it works, as a result i wouldnt bother trying to get david blaine or keith barry to explain some things to me. theres side effects with homeopathy which are not denied either.Mags 🙂

  13. Ok, I’m sitting here with a bottle of this Rescue Remedy and it definitely does not have Moschus moschiferus in it. I’ve catagorically gone down the list of ingredients according to your research and the list on the bottle and there is no such thing in this stuff. I will now conduct my own research to see how accurate yours is. Purely because I too do not trust herbal medications all that much and am also on a mission to see how much nonsense they feed us, but we must be 100% sure it’s all bulltwak.

  14. Ambra Grisea – or Ambergris – indeed doesn’t seem to have any valuable medicinal properties other than what was believed to be the case in the Middle Ages… hmmmm. Quite worrying when one reads that in some countries it’s use is illegal. In fact in perfumery they now use a synthetic component that emulates Ambergris. Nowhere but on Natura’s website have I managed to find out that this has any medicinal value at all. for interesting reading. So, the whole thing has fallen down for me already based just on this one lie. If they can lie about one ingredient, they can lie about anything else, which makes this product seem dodgy at best to me and this bottle will now be joining the trash in my dustbin. Thank you for an eye opening read.

  15. Sorry, your rationale ignores all the tenets of homeopathy, and is thusly invalid. The homeopathy that has saved my life twice could not have done so with placebo effect. Nice try, though.

    • GNOSIS: I’m quite familiar with the “tenets of homeopathy”, which is precisely why I ignore them along with any adults who seriously believe in Santa Claus or that the dead would want to speak to a prick like John Edward. Should I waste my time explaining HOW the reindeers fly or HOW John Edward talks to the dead when it’s clearly poppycock? Unless you cloned yourself a 1000 times and did a double-blind study using a placebo vs homeopathic remedies and found that half of your clones died (the placebo group) and the other half were “saved” (the homeopathy group), I’d bet that you’d find the placebo work. And speaking of bets… James Randi will even pay you a $1,000,000 if you can prove that homeopathy has any positive effect on your body. (Nobody has yet claimed the $1,000,000) But for anyone here who is interested in the tenets of homeopathy, here’s a video that explains it perfectly well:

  16. I’ve used flower essences and have made essences and they work. I’ve used them on my animals and seem immediate results. I’ve made essences without alcohol and they work. Why are you so threatened by all this when it actually works. And you don’t seem very educated on the subject and yet you form an opinion. It’s not the actual parts of the toxic plant. I could explain all day but there’s not point. You aren’t listening nor do you want to hear. Shit, I don’t even know why I’m commenting on this page, except you piss me off with your ignorant post on essences. But maybe that’s your point. To get comments and reaction, then bravo!

  17. I have to say that in my experience they do not work at all. After trying for months I can confirm that they have absolutely no effect whatsoever. Even if you take 20 or 30 tablets a day, nada.In fact, I have yet to see a homoeopathic remedy that is of any use. I’d sooner believe in the tooth fairy.

  18. Pingback: Ben Goldacre – Battling Bad Science |

    • Hi Zaheer, I note that this is a press release… it refers to a “study published”, however, it doesn’t provide a reference nor can I find anything about this study through a cursory search on PubMed.

      Most telling, as is usual with these types of “studies”, is that it was done by the Sirkin Creative Living Center, one of the biggest advocates for Rescue Remedy.

    • From PubMed:

      Bach flower remedies continue to be popular and its proponents make a range of medicinal claims for them. The aim of this systematic review was to critically evaluate the evidence for these claims. Five electronic databases were searched without restrictions on time or language. All randomised clinical trials of flower remedies were included. Seven such studies were located. All but one were placebo-controlled. All placebo-controlled trials failed to demonstrate efficacy. It is concluded that the most reliable clinical trials do not show any differences between flower remedies and placebos.

  19. Hi Geekrebel,
    I appreciate anyone who tries to reveal the truth about misrepresented cure claims for the public, but I am wondering how one can prove placebo effect on animals, since this product has shown effectiveness on rescued animals with typical defense traits? I use holistic approaches for animals and they are visibly effective. Although I would not critisize your use of Wiki as research references, I do believe that actually administration of the product on animals may be the “proof in the pudding?”

    • Hi Sandy,

      No effectiveness has been shown on animals in double-blind studies.

      The effectiveness is likely due to what is called the “Placebo by Proxy” effect and has been well documented.

      It’s obviously especially effective when we’re talking about something like anxiety. A child or animal will be anxious if its parent/caretaker is anxious/neurotic, similarly, a parent whose child is having a tantrum is going to be more stressed out! Giving an animal an anti-anxiety medication (whether placebo or not) will create the expectation in the caretaker that the animal will relax, which will make the caretaker be more relaxed. Because the caretaker is more relaxed, the animal will also be more relaxed!

      It’s not the medication, it’s the power of our minds!

      (You could of course argue that in Western societies, our minds are so conditioned to the idea that “popping a pill” will make things better and that we’ve lost the ability to control our own minds through thought and meditation… but that’s another article)

  20. Please DON’T answer me with a ‘clever answer’. I’ve had immense anxiety and sleepless nights for many weeks and bought a bottle of Rescue Drops the begining of this week. For the first time over a very long period – I have slept well every night this week and I am more composed and not tearful at every stupid moment. My road-rage is also under control.
    If this is how placebo works – then I will gladly pay for it and the only thing that I’m sorry about – is that I’ve not tried being on this ‘Placebo’ sooner.
    I’m going to recommend Rescue Drops to all my family and friends.

    • Hi Glitterbug,

      Yes, placebos work because the belief that something will work often “triggers” our minds into taking control of our bodies. Some people can do this through meditation and others with the help of hypnosis.

      Personally, I much prefer the idea of taking control of our own thoughts and behaviours. In that way, you will know that it is you, yourself who is entirely able to control your road-rage. You don’t need any medication, whether placebo or not.

      The real problem is that the same people who are peddling Rescue Drops are also selling people homeopathic malaria medication. Unlike your behaviours, which you can control, illnesses such as malaria do not respond to the placebo effect.

  21. Whew! I can’t believe so many people can get so wound up over something that is a choice! I choose to take this, or I choose not! No wonder people kill each other over religion, politics etc. Why can people not put their point of view across without “the other side” wanting to stab them?? Jan xx

  22. Wow I had no idea some many people are so easily fooled but if it works for you and your willing to pay the sugar pill solution then go for it. The power of persuasion is amazing. Unfortunately this junk doesn’t work on me. Alcohol free or the 27% alcohol per 10ml. After reading results of the blind studies … Turns out I’m not easily swayed into belief. Don’t take if pregnant or breat feeding and please stop giving the alcohol based crap to your kids. I had one believer tell me the alcohol evaborated before you even got it in your system… You read right EVAPORATED…. Magic evaporating brandy … Now that’s amazing.

  23. I read your initial post , what surprised me most is the lack of mentioning the inactive ingredients. This was recommended by my vet , my dog freaks out in thunder storms.the main inactive ingredient and its a lot 80% is vegetable glycerine which is more and more becoming known for its toxicity .

    you may laugh but if its toxic without the active ingredients, you can keep it


    The FDA recently began notifying regulated industries that products using oils, glycerin or protein derived from jatropha seeds may be toxic to humans and animals.

    Products using jatropha derivatives — like glycerin — include both human and animal foods as well as medical products and cosmetics.

    What Is Jatropha?

    Jatropha is a hearty shrub that can be grown in semi-tropical and tropical areas throughout the world.

    Due to its high oil content and relatively low cost, the plant has recently become an attractive source material for making biodiesel.

    Unfortunately, though, unlike other more benign materials used to make biofuels, jatropha may contain unwelcome toxic by-products like phorbol esters.

    These compounds exhibit acute and chronic toxicity to humans and animals alike. What’s worse, the actual toxic substances can be found in the glycerin and protein by-products.

    However, even though the FDA is unaware of any contamination, conventional impurity test methods may not be able to detect the presence of these toxins.

  24. Anyone can edit Wikipedia. I’ve done it a few times myself as an 11th grader. Therefore any information is derived from Wikipedia is irrelevant as any Dick, Sue and Harry can post whatever nonsense they want on the site for foolish members of the public (aka you) to believe and spread. Do some actual research and substantiate it with facts that aren’t copied and pasted from Wikipedia if you actually want people to believe your so called “research”.

    • Hi ‘noneofyourbusiness’,

      Wikipedia is as accurate than Britannica (in a study done by Nature, bibcode: :2005Natur.438..900G).

      It is true that ‘anyone’ can edit Wikipedia, which is why I checked the references listed on each of the ingredient’s pages.

      If you have any better sources with more accurate information, please do provide them.

  25. I would just like to know how I can get my 20 month old and 3year old to sleep easier. That’s how I came across this blog. It’s starting to drive myself and the wife insane. We are so sleep deprived because of them having sleepless nights.

    • Hi Zain,

      Have you tried the techniques mentioned in this article:

      We also had some sleepless nights with our little one, especially during times of transition (moving from co-sleeping to cot in our room, moving from cot in our room to cot in his own room, moving to a new house etc.) Usually, during transition, we would have about 4 nights of ‘hell’ before things settled down. The main trick for us was consistent routine every night (bath, dinner, teeth, story, hugs and kisses). If the kid came into our room, we wouldn’t admonish him or say anything, but simply pick him up and put him back in his bed. One particularly trying night we had to do this 20 times!!!

      There are some great episodes on YouTube of ‘Supernanny’ which shows this as well (and you’ll feel so relieved after realising that your kids are angels in comparison with the brats on that show, that you’ll also be able to sleep a lot better!)

      Good luck!

      p.s. don’t medicate your children! (for normal behaviour) It’s such a strange Western construct… trying to fix all our problems by taking a pill.

  26. I agree with Geekrebel 100%. People just follow out of ignorance and fear, without applying their minds to the matter. We are all endowed with an ability that cost nothing and requires effort ranging from minor to intensive to use, namely THINKING. Come on people just think!

  27. I think u r a door knob , its better to take rescue remedy for stress and emotional strain than turn to drugs or alcohol , its clear u never gave that a thought before publishing this Hog wash .

  28. I have no concern about remaining anonymous. My opinion and experience is as valid as anyone else’s. First of all, they are called the ‘Bach Flower Remedies’ – point being, the active ingredient comes from flowers. Perhaps the brand you reference ‘Natura’ needs to be investigated for it’s authenticity.
    Also, there are five animals that are killed for the musk in their anal sac to make perfume, including the Canadian beaver and a deer from New Guinea which is facing extinction because of this. Why not direct this knowledge to all the celebrities and national brands with their names directly connected to the perfumes they make. A search on Google will give you the other animals so cruelly used for this purpose. For many, the problem is ignorance not evil. However for others that have no conscience or compassion it’s all about the money.
    It is beyond me that we have anti-cruelty laws that don’t include sport hunting which is a corrupt ‘business’. Nothing like an animal again a coward with a gun. Ah yes, and leg hold traps. How absolutely inhumane can the human species be. The only thing we’ve proven is that we are far from being superior species. And then there’s slaughter houses which too many people don’t want to know about.
    And what about the chlorine and fluoride added to our water. Research how chlorine came about and you’ll have new respect for this product. Both in high concentrations can kill. In fact, fluoride is used to kill rats.
    Would you be on anti-depressants and then take St. John’s Wort – only if you’re stupid and haven’t done your homework. People foolishly believe ‘natural’ means safe – not necessarily so in an unregulated industry. You think they want this changed? – Not! – but I feel the time will and and should come.
    This blog is mostly irrelevant. Somewhat irreverent. Read it with a pinch of salt. Actually the egocentric person who posted this is full of crap. Do yourself a favor and educate yourself elsewhere.

    • Marsha, I can’t address everything you’ve spoken about. Fluoride occurs naturally in many water sources. If you breathe pure oxygen, it will also kill you in a very short time… just like many other pure elements will. Saying that “Fluoride kills rats” really doesn’t mean anything. The reason why water is fluoridated is that folks discovered many, many years ago that some communities had good teeth while others had massive problems with cavities. The difference was in the water.

      Many water sources still have fluoride in them, but through successive filtering of water, much of the fluoride gets lost and has to be re-added.

      Ultimately, rather than presenting an argument, you default back to personal insults and call me egocentric and “full of crap”. I’m sorry you feel that way. Perhaps you could join the lynch mob of people spoken about here:

        • Hi Marsha, I am certainly not an “expert in everything”, but I do have an interest in chemistry and neuroscience and read us much as I can.

          I haven’t used my own scientific education as an argument, but I’ve provided references to peer reviewed scientific literature, so that anyone can be more informed about how our minds and bodies work and see clearly what a scam homeopathy is and how this industry preys on innocent people, especially innocent people who may struggle with mental illness.

          I admit that it’s hard to not get somewhat jaded when I’m personally attacked for writing an article about Rescue Remedy, for example your earlier comment in response to Ria, calling me a “massive know it all”, but bit by bit, I believe that logic and data will convince enough people that they don’t need homeopathy.

          Ultimately, homeopathy does more harm than good and therefore good people will continue to fight against it, for the good of all humanity.

          • Hang in there, there’s an analogy. I have a Broadcasting/Media Relations background and years ago I wanted to help Animal Rights groups since animal cruelty is so prevalent across the board and a very important cause to me. To be blunt, these groups were beyond radical, with no idea on how to approach the media or anyone. They may have just as well stepped back and shot themselves in the foot. The best message in the world is lost if you are screaming it in people’s faces. All they see is lunatic.

            You are far from lunatic but you are radical and you come across as an arrogant know it all so readers just brush you off. You probably have some very good information to share. I just feel that changing your approach to a kinder and humbler one, would draw readers in and get value from what you are sharing. Your approach right now just annoys the hell out of people, but maybe that’s what you intend. Too bad, because I think you have valuable information to share, even though some may not agree with you, but that’s O.K.
            Everyone’s experience of a remedy is not the same. What works for one may have negative effects on someone else.

  29. I love reading these comments….it always turns into a fight and mud slinging…..jeeees guys relax! Have some Rescue Remedy…..

  30. Isn’t the bottom line that what works for one person, may do nothing for someone else. The point is finding out what works for you. What’s the point of mud slinging. It’s just childish and a foolish waste of time initiated it seems by an extremely bored and
    ego-eccentric know it all who gets their jollies from stirring up the pot, In which case no comment is the best reply. Otherwise you’re engaging and entering the world of a fool.

  31. Natura Rescue Remedy – “for Shock, Anxiety & Sleeplessness”

    Head Office Pretoria
    Tel : (012) 813 9400
    Fax:(Reception) (012) 813 9698
    Fax:(Orders) (012) 813 9699
    Fax:(Accounts) (012) 813 9696
    e-mail : For product information and/or complaints:
    Lynette Voogt
    Postal Address : PO Box 659
    South Africa
    Physical Address: 313 Kuit Street
    South Africa

    Does this ring a bell? Moschus moschiferus – Siberian Musk Deer

    An ingredient in your Natura Rescue Remedy

    Musk used to attract female deer also attracts humans…
    The Siberian Musk Deer lives in Russia, China, and on the Korean Peninsula. Although they are called “deer”, they are actually part of a different family. A feature they do not share with true deer is their ability to secrete a waxy substance called musk. The odor of musk is used to attract females. However, female deer are not the only ones attracted to this odor. Humans hunt for it to make medicine and perfume.
    Females and fawns are also victims!

    Musk has been traded at unbelievable prices. Seeking the musk in the male body, humans have captured numerous Siberian Musk Deers, causing a sharp decline in their population. Illegal trade doesn’t stop even though there are laws that prohibit their import and export. It has been reported that about 25,000 deer were poached from 1990 to 2001, but that number could be much higher considering that poachers cannot tell the difference between males and females or even fawns.

    Shame on your company for being part of the problem when it comes to the carnage and decline of the Siberian Musk Deer, which you hide under the name of Moschus moschiferus in one of your ingredients in Natura Rescue Remedy!!! Since this is an illegal trade, is it fair to say that you obtain this musk illegally from poachers?

    I intend to post this information on many animal welfare cause sites that I’m involved with so people from around the world will boycott your product. This should create more shock, anxiety, and hopefully sleeplessness than you intended.

    Marsha Andrews W. Sechelt, B.C., Canada

    • Hi Marsha,

      You’ll note that Moschus Moschiferus had already been discussed earlier in this thread (See Amanda’s comment). Apparently, Natura no longer lists this as an ingredient.

      There are zero molecules of Moschus Moschiferus (or any other listed ingredient) to be found in any homeopathic remedy; so whether they list it on the label or not is entirely moot.

  32. I came for an alternative view on rescue remedy, but I enjoyed the comments and rebuttals more than the blog itself. High Fives to all you internet warriors.

  33. I feel like i just need to say that it has worked for me more than once. Before my c-section i was very worried and anxious and my mother gave me water to drink and i felt calmer and more relaxed throughout my daughter’s birth and only when i went back to recovery did my mom tell me she put rescue drops in. Then again i struggled with feedings and my mother made me some juice mix and i felt calmer because again she had put in rescue drops. Many of my friends use it for their children and i can clearly see the difference between before and after. I use it too now, drops and tablets, and i have never had any problems. My doctor and pediatrician recommended it when my daughter was having some troubles with her sleeping and it worked like a charm. She now sleeps on her own without the help but when it’s needed then it works wonderfully.

  34. I was given some I took 2 but felt uneasy taking it.I left the remaining I g 20 I was given.Honestly I rather rely on God to rescue me.

  35. Ok great…..

    Using your logic

    Lets look at a cup of coffee
    Crushed aged beans fromsom or other tree
    water….oudourless and tastless as can be
    sugar …refined broken inards of a cane
    and cream……………oily gunk from the teets of a cow…..

    ok you see where im going

    Please keep your quick idiotic research of the web to yourself. We all have wikipedia

    Love Herbal products.

    • Chris, I think you skipped the part about the dilution. The ingredients, or their descriptions, don’t matter.

      A more accurate analogy would be to take a shot of espresso, dilute with water a billion times or so, until there is not a single coffee molecule left, and then sell the diluted water in a bottle labelled “coffee essence” and claim that it has all the benefits of caffeine.

      THAT is what homeopathy is.

      And of course some people will drink these coffee essence drops/tablets and claim that it works wonders, but without the side effects of a cup of coffee. And they are right, because of the power of the mind.

      No issues with herbal or natural products as such, provided they actually have active ingredients in them.

  36. While the majority has a bitch fest in this thread, I’m pretty sure some of the ingredients might relieve some of the symptoms – if they are ACTIVE ingredients, not trace amounts. Those of us who have diagnosed disorders such as PTSD, GAD, OCD, Parasomnia and Insomnia can tell you from personal experience, you need to take like 8 tablets just to chill the fuck out for 30 min – that’s if you are lucky. Other natural meds like the Melatonin tablets have caused me to break out in cystic acne because taking 5 at a time to attempt to sleep apparently throws your hormones out of wack. I strongly believe (rather hope) that there is something completely homeopathic that can relieve symptoms of these problems or even aid in solving sleeping disorders so if anyone has taken something natural/homeopathic that has indeed relieved their issue(s), do share the info.

  37. hi i googled the ingredients and found this

    Homeopathic Remedies: Ignatia Amara 30CH: depression of spirits. Empty, gone feeling. Unhappiness. Moodiness and tearfulness. Sadness, melancholy. Sensation of lump in throat. Sepia Officinalis 30CH: depression of spirits, melancholy. Irritability. Sad and gloomy mood. Weeping. Tearfulness. Exhaustion due to sense of responsibility. Aurum Metallicum 30CH: depression of spirits and melancholy. Unhappiness, moodiness and tearfulness. Flower Essences: Sweet Chestnut: despair, unhappiness. Gentian: depression, despondency, pessimism. Mustard: depression. Beech: intolerance. Inactives: Lactose, Magnesium Stearate, Starch, Sucrose (25mg per Tablet).

  38. Hello, Geekrebel – Interesting debate. However, whether it is the placebo effect or not, Rescue works for me. And I would rather pay R100 for a placebo, than R1 000 for a doctor’s appointment and then R500 for a placebo. Unfortunately, when it comes to human medicine, doctors are not as smart as they would like to think they are. There are huge areas of general medicine that are pure guesswork by the medical profession. Especially when it comes to the field of non-specific illnesses such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc. As some people have pointed out, if it works for some, don’t knock it for everyone.

  39. Excellent blog that truly exposes the ignorance of the civilised and educated people of the first world. Black magic, witch doctors and homeopathy are all much the same thing.

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