Are you a Nerd? Social Order Venn Diagram



I was walking past Valkenberg the other day and all the patients were
shouting “13… 13… 13…”. The fence was too high to see over, but
I saw a little gap in the planks. So I looked through to see what was
going on… Some idiot poked me in the eye with a stick! Then they all
started shouting “14… 14… 14”.

ADSL Speedtests from Cape Town

Cape Town to San Francisco 0.37 Mbps


Cape Town to London 0.71 Mbps


Cape Town to Johannesburg 3.08 Mbps


Conclusion: New fibre-optic links to South Africa is more important for improving access, than it is for dropping prices.

You know your garden needs attention when…

SMS from my neighbour:

“Dear Henk. SORRY THIS IS A BIG BITCH!!… I am sitting here on my deck
admiring our beautiful view. My garden is looking great (which I spend
a great deal of time and money on). (Our neighbour)’s garden is
looking great too. Then I see yours…

Oh My God! PLEASE clean your garden. Even my guests are offended by
it! I have a very good gardener who would need to come in once a month
to keep things tidy. He is R140 / day plus food. Regards, (neighbour)
Sorry it really needs some love…”