Recycling at Sasol Petrol Stations – Open Letter

UPDATE: I received a response from Sasol on the same day at this post. See further below. 

Dear Leonilda, 

Thank you for your time in reading this letter.

While reading SASOL’s 300+ page annual reports, I realised that I had
no space to keep the report and didn’t know where my nearest paper
recycling bins were.

It then occurred to me that many South Africans frequently visit
petrol stations and that petrol stations would be an ideal location
for recycling bins.

Besides for petrol stations being ubiquitous in SA, they typically
have enough space for recycling bins and would also be a fantastic
location to raise awareness of recycling.

I think such a project could tie in well with Sasol’s CSR programs and
would set a positive example for other fuel & chemical companies.

I look forward to your consideration!

Best regards,
Henk Kleynhans

Response from Sasol:

Good morning Mr Kleynhans,

I trust this finds you well!

I received your email via Marsja Hall Green – requesting more information on the recycling project. I’ve included a recent article published on the Bizcommunity website for your easy reference and information. We have had a tremendous response to this initiative and look forward to running full steam ahead with it in future.

Should you require any further information, please don’t hesitate to call and we will gladly assist.

Kind regards

Leonilda Koster
Communications Manager
Sasol Oil

Read the BizCommunity Article. 

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