JukeFly.com – It’s Spotify for the Rest of Us

A few days ago I discovered JukeFly.com, an amazing online music service:


Cool things about JukeFly:

1. I'm yet to search for a song or album I can't find. For the picture, I was listening to Jack Johnson, and it listed all his albums on the right. Just clicking on the album would load all the songs to my playlist and start playing them

2. It shows the lyrics! Awesome!??

3. It tries to find a YouTube video (it looks like the better the song quality, the less chance there is of a YouTube video though, which is fine by me, as I'm not really interested in the video)

4. Looks like they're (currently) the underdog. The hype has been around Last.fm, Pandora & Spotify. JukeFly is slightly different, yet every bit as good!??

5. It works just fine in South Africa. No bizarre country restrictions or Digital Apartheid being applied.

Good luck to the Jukefly team! Go check it out: http://jukefly.com/

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