What is Time for Change?

I just received a courier delivery with only a small packet inside consisting of a "bankie" with some coins and a personalised note in it.


Apparently, at lunchtime tomorrow I will have "something" hand-delivered to me.

Their website simply says: "You can do it" and reminds me again that I'd better be at the office at lunchtime tomorrow.??


The Sender on the courier bag is stated as "Time for Change Pty" in "Change Street", Port Elizabeth.

Definitely very exciting… I wonder what it can be. A campaign by Axxess Internet perhaps?

Why are Interest Rates in SA so High?

What is the reason for the prime lending rate in South Africa being so
high? (10.5%)

In the US it’s 3.25%, in Canada it’s 2.25% and in Australia it’s at
3.75% (considered very high).

Is it perhaps just a symptom of not having enough banking competition in SA?

And wouldn’t we have much faster economic development in SA if we had
lower interest rates (closer to 5%) backed up by “good” regulation
such as the National Credit Act?

Lost Husky – Please help

Please help Peter French (@Peter_French, brilliant systems engineer
and all round good guy who’s ALWAYS been willing to help me at all
hours of the day) to find his Husky, lost in Cape Town.

Please post this link: http://www.peterfrench.co.za/leia.pdf to your
Facebook, Twitter, etc profiles or print it out and put it on your
building noticeboard.

The WhatCRM Survey

I’m trying to figure out what the best CRM (Salesforce Automation and Customer Support) system would be for my company. Besides looking at big comparison charts, I thought I’d ask people directly what systems they’ve used and what their experiences have been.

Please help me by filling out the 2 question survey below! 

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Skyrove Customer Feedback – Some good, some bad

The good (from someone who had a complaint that we were able to resolve):

“Thank you for this offer. I am always amazed by the service provided
by Skyrove. It is so completely different to any other company in
South Africa. Whenever I ask anything, I get a hundred times more,
than I originally ask.”

The bad (from someone who mistyped the voucher numbers and didn’t like
it when we spelt it out for him)

“Excuse me….r u underestemating my intelegence here??? I have
entered the corect digits about 20 times!!!! u can check it
urself..fix the issue please..dont have tiome for this crap,still not
working.Sell valid vouchers to ur customers please,i spend allot of
money each month on u guys!!”

Lying on your CV is a Really, Really Bad Idea

Last week we interviewed a candidate for a position as a Skyrove Wi-Fi Field Technician.

He came to us through a recruitment agency. He didn't have any formal qualifications, but had a fair amount of experience and showed more maturity than many of the candidates we've interviewed in the past. We were discussing paying him a higher salary (about 50% more than budgeted) but asked that he start at a lower base salary until he'd written the international CompTIA Network+ exam.

At this stage, he pulled out another CV that was slightly different than the one we received from the recruitment agent. This one claimed that he did indeed have some or other IT certificate. Our COO asked him to please send us the original. A few days later, after some prodding, he faxed us a copy.??

It appeared falsified and we phoned the college he claimed he was at who didn't have any record of him being there. When we confronted him with it, he broke down and told us that he'd been rejected everywhere because he didn't have a qualification. He told us that he was desperate and would be willing to work for us for free for a month to prove himself.

Needless to say, we wouldn't be able to trust him again. If someone could lie on their CV, they could lie to your customers and cause further damage.??

Dishonesty is a dealbreaker. Just don't do it.??

Bad Simba Chippie


Dear Simba,

on 11 November last year I bought a packet of Doritos from the corner
store on Roodebloem Road, Woodstock. (as one does)

Unfortunately, this time I was unlucky in that one of the chippies in
my packet was somewhat black & nasty.

Please see the attached photo with said chippie and the barcode of the
packet I bought.

Would it be possible for you to replace this chippie, even though I’ve
lost it by now and won’t be able to bring it in for repairs?

Kind regards,

Skyrove’s New Offices – 1st Day Photos

More coming soon!