Lying on your CV is a Really, Really Bad Idea

Last week we interviewed a candidate for a position as a Skyrove Wi-Fi Field Technician.

He came to us through a recruitment agency. He didn't have any formal qualifications, but had a fair amount of experience and showed more maturity than many of the candidates we've interviewed in the past. We were discussing paying him a higher salary (about 50% more than budgeted) but asked that he start at a lower base salary until he'd written the international CompTIA Network+ exam.

At this stage, he pulled out another CV that was slightly different than the one we received from the recruitment agent. This one claimed that he did indeed have some or other IT certificate. Our COO asked him to please send us the original. A few days later, after some prodding, he faxed us a copy.??

It appeared falsified and we phoned the college he claimed he was at who didn't have any record of him being there. When we confronted him with it, he broke down and told us that he'd been rejected everywhere because he didn't have a qualification. He told us that he was desperate and would be willing to work for us for free for a month to prove himself.

Needless to say, we wouldn't be able to trust him again. If someone could lie on their CV, they could lie to your customers and cause further damage.??

Dishonesty is a dealbreaker. Just don't do it.??

3 thoughts on “Lying on your CV is a Really, Really Bad Idea

  1. Henk, I hear you. So do many millions of others. Problem is … us mortal types tend to look up to role models, and quite frankly if JZ can do it (lie, deny and almost apologise), surely that is good enough for us as well?

  2. Agreed Henk. I have no qualifications and have never, ever been shy to admit it and demonstrate that I can, despite that, get the job I do done as well as the most qualified oke next to me. That honesty has always paid off far more than any degree or diploma could have.

  3. That sucks. From what you say it seems that he would’ve gotten the job anyway if he was just honest. I think you did the right thing by not hiring him.

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