Skyrove Customer Feedback – Some good, some bad

The good (from someone who had a complaint that we were able to resolve):

“Thank you for this offer. I am always amazed by the service provided
by Skyrove. It is so completely different to any other company in
South Africa. Whenever I ask anything, I get a hundred times more,
than I originally ask.”

The bad (from someone who mistyped the voucher numbers and didn’t like
it when we spelt it out for him)

“Excuse me….r u underestemating my intelegence here??? I have
entered the corect digits about 20 times!!!! u can check it
urself..fix the issue please..dont have tiome for this crap,still not
working.Sell valid vouchers to ur customers please,i spend allot of
money each month on u guys!!”

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