Richard Mulholland: The Picasso of Perspective


I had the great pleasure of having dinner with Richard Mulholland of Thunk! this evening.??Every time I meet him I feel as if I see things more clearly, even though I was looking really hard in the right place. ??

Rich's insights into business, bandwidth, insurance, relationships, consumers and human behaviour made me think of an anecdote I once heard:??

A woman approached Picasso in a Parisian restaurant and after a brief chat asked if he would be kind enough to draw her a small picture. He carefully drew a few perfect lines on the back of a napkin, out of which appeared the figure of a beautiful woman. He handed it over to her and said: "That would be 50,000 Francs please". She exclaimed: "What? But it only took you 5 minutes!" to which he replied: "5 minutes… and a lifetime before that."

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