The 5 W’s of a Great Elevator Pitch

If you’re struggling to put together an Elevator Pitch for next week’s Silicon Cape Networking Event, just focus on answering the following 5 W’s:

1. What does it do? Begin your answer with, for e.g., “We provide…”

2. Who does it do it for? For example, say, “For small and medium web design companies…”

3. What’s in it for them?

4. Why is your company different? with “As opposed to” or “Unlike.”

5. What is your company? I.e. is it a SaaS company? A BioTech company? A Design company?

Here’s Skyrove’s elevator pitch:

Skyrove makes it easy for anyone to get their own Wi-Fi hotspot and share internet with their guests, tenants or neighbours. In this way Skyrove creates an income for small entrepreneurs while also bringing down the cost of internet to end-users.

What do you think? Does it answer enough of the W’s?

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4 thoughts on “The 5 W’s of a Great Elevator Pitch

  1. Hi Joe, it’s always a bit tricky to compare 3G pricing with that of Wi-Fi.Firstly, you have to take into account that Wi-Fi is consistently going to give you better speeds than 3G, on average. Add to that the fact that to get a cheaper 1GB from MTN, you actually have to buy an entire 1 GB bundle. Does the bundle still expire after 30 days? Or is 60 days now as with Vodacom?Fact is: Because of 3G’s ubiquity, it’s always going to be the better solution for some people. But if you want the (realistic) highest speed mobile broadband without having to fork out for pricey 3G equipment, Wi-Fi is always going to win out. p.s. small is the new big.

  2. Sure, not everybody likes 3G. I don’t.I was just wondering if the part of your pitch about bringing down the cost of internet to end-users is (still) true. 3G seemed closest to wifi in the way it does not usually require a long term commitment. (Typing like a monkey with 10 thumbs on a qwerty keyboard because I was stupid enough to forget some of my gym gear.)

  3. Very cool outline. I’m going to try this later this afternoon and see if I can nail down a good one for myself. Thanks for sharing.

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