I Will Fight for Freedom


This morning, I was reflecting on Freedom Day and what it means??to me as a South African. Although we enjoy many, many more??freedoms in South Africa today, we are still very far??from a point where we can truly celebrate freedom.??

We are not free of violence. The farmer in the Free State nor the??grandmother in Khayelitsha are safe in their homes.??

We are not free to trade. There are major barriers for South??Africans who want to trade on the internet: the world's biggest??marketplace.??

We are not free to fail at business. For most of us, if we fail,??we lose everything.??

We do not have universal free healthcare. And the state provided??healthcare we do have is abominal.??

We do not have the freedom to choose high quality education,??unless we are rich.??

Many of us have fought hard for some of these freedoms, but we cannot fight every battle and every social injustice. I??believe the one thing most important for a thriving new??generation of Freedom Fighters is freedom of communication. Being??able to connect with each other is crucial if we want to see Social Change.??

Therefore, right now, my primary battle will be connecting??people. Skyrove, the company I co-founded, enables anyone to??build & manage Wi-Fi networks, simply. (When we started out,??we were flouting a law which prevented people from crossing public boundaries with any communications device. It was illegal to take 2 tin cans and a piece of string across your neighbours fence. This law was devised to protect the state??owned telecoms company and its foreign shareholders, SBC (now AT&T) &??Malaysia Telecom.)

If people have cheaper, faster options to connect, whether ADSL,??3G, Wi-Fi or smoke signals, it means people have increased access??to knowledge & education. This will lead to more people being free??of violence. It will lead to more people will be able to trade freely & easily and??achieve financial freedom.??

Better, faster & cheaper communication will ultimately lead to a??real, stable & free democracy.

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