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WeatherSA Updates its Website

This morning, while checking the (miserable) forecast for Cape Town in anticipation of the Breadline Africa surf lesson I "won", I noticed that has finally overhauled its much criticized website.??


With the old site, a map was loaded. If you wanted to get the forecast for Cape Town, you needed to first click on the Western Cape. Then you had to click on the region surrounding Cape Town and only then would a small "Tables" button appear that you had to click to load the forecast for Cape Town.??

They also had a strange Zooming Dock on the Left Hand Side which I could never figure out the purpose for (I was too occupied trying to get to the tables, probably).

Here's the new site:


Firstly, it simply looks a lot better. I can also immediately see basic weather information for SA's biggest cities. More cities are listed just below the Search box. The Search box also has a rather unique AutoComplete function. If you Start by typing K, it will list all the cities beneath the Search bar (where you currently see Bloem, Cape Town etc). Clicking on any of the cities (either currently seen or that pop up when Searching) gives you more detailed tables. See below:


Again, it looks a lot better than before. I can also see a whole lot more info and there are tabs at the top for the Sun/Moon tables, Surf info etc.??

Well done WeatherSA on a significant improvement! I'll run your site as my homepage for a while!??