Robbed in San Diego – Please help find my Vuvuzela!

Last night my Vuvuzela got stolen at a bar in San Diego,??the Tilted Kilt.??

In the photo below you can see what it looks like.

Here’s a close-up with more detail. As you can see it’s no ordinary Vuvuzela. The unique beadwork was done by a group of grandmothers in Khayelitsha (Grandmothers Against Poverty & AIDS -?? as part of an income generation project.

And as luck has it, the culprit got caught on camera in the background of a photo I took of Sarah, our waittress.

Here’s a closer look of the bearded guy who took it. He grabbed it and ran out, according to his friends. His friends, however, claimed that they “don’t really know the guy”.

So, if you’re ever in San Diego and a see a guy with a green Vuvuzela with beadwork on it, please assist in retrieving it or providing any information that could lead to its return!

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