Entrepreneurship is living your life like most people won’t

“Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t”

– Unknown

Internet Access is a Human Right – Help provide internet access in the ME

Internet Access promotes Freedom of Speech. Therefore, blocking
Internet Access restricts Freedom of Speech. Freedom of Speech is
recognized as a Human Right and it therefore follows that Internet
Access also is.

You can help ensure that more people in the Middle East have Internet
Access by donating to an Avaaz initiative to “blackout-proof” protests

p.s. I take no particular side w.r.t. regime change in most ME
countries, as I simply don’t know enough about ME politics.

@RichMulholland confusing @skyrove’s balcony for the deck of Titanic


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Using @skyrove Wi-Fi at Lanseria airport (in partnership with G-Connect). Wicked!


Nokia kills Symbian – Suicide?

As you may have read, Nokia just announced that they will be killing the Symbian OS and start using Windows Phone 7 for its smartphones. 

My question is obviously: Why not go Android? From the Washington Post article: 

At a briefing in London, Elop told reporters that Nokia also considered Google’s Android but didn’t think it could differentiate its phones from all the other Android hardware on the market and on the way.

Wait a minute… Wasn’t the problem to start with that Symbian was so vastly “differentiated”?

Although Windows 7 reviews have been favourable, If Nokia wants to “catch up” it could ride the wave (tsunami?) of an Open Source platform that has a large & growing developer and user base. 

I would think that many of today’s Android developers started out being Nokia users & developers and would continue to use & promote Nokia’s excellent high-quality hardware.

What do you think?