Be a Peer to Peer Entrepreneur

I love talking to other entrepreneurs! Whether it’s my YPO mentor running a business with 400 people, helping the 2-man team, spending time talking about life, family & business with my Enablis E-Circle friends or talking technology with fellow members of the Wireless Access Providers’ Association.


In the last few weeks I’ve had magical meetings (mostly involving great food!) with Greg Durst, Sam Paddock, Richard Mulholland, Dilip Naran, Jamii Hamlin, Elodie Kleynhans, Adrian Burger & Gysbert Kappers. All of these folks are rockstars. All of them work in vastly different business to mine, from animation to brick making…


They have all added tremendous value to my business simply by listening and sharing their experiences. But one of the greatest things about spending time with other entrepreneurs is the Small Wins to be had. The little tactical tips. The Aha! moment when another entrepreneur had the same problem and shares the simple solution he found.


If you are just starting out and haven’t had the chance to prove yourself or don’t think other rockstar entrepreneurs will spend time with you, look at joining an entrepreneurs organization, such as YPO, EO, Enablis or Endeavor which have structured entrepreneurship coaching and peer programs or industry associations such as WAPA (for wireless technology companies), SAYTC (for Youth Travel companies), ISPA (for ISPs), ISOC (for anyone interested in internet freedom). All of these involve helping others first and will take time away from your daily activities, and should therefore be seen as part of your long-term personal and business development.