HelloPeter Complaint – Augopage Cellular Harassment.

Dear Peter,

1. In Feb 2002, I returned from 3 months overseas to find my cellphone disconnected. A debit order bounced and I paid the outstanding fees. My phone was re-activated. 

2. A few days later, my phone was cut off again. I phoned the call centre, who told me that it was due to non-payment of my last account. I told the agent that I had paid it two days before. I was asked to send proof of payment again.

3. I sent PoP, received no reply & my phone remained cut off. I sent an email a few days later requesting EITHER to re-instate service within 24 hours OR cancel my contract. I received no reply.

4. In July 2002, Autopage’s debt collectors contacted me, requesting payment for remainder of contract etc. I spoke to them and they asked for proof of above, which I sent. 

5. In 2005, I discovered I was blacklisted on ITC. I phoned Autopage legal department, who immediately removed the blacklisting.

6. In April 2011, a new debt collecting agency phoned to chase payment. I explained the above, and asked that she send an email & include recording of phone call, which she didn’t do. 

7. Today I received an SMS that Autopage has now blacklisted me with XDS.

UPDATE:  Martin Mosavel from Autopage’s Legal Department phoned to apologize on Autopage’s behalf. He has also CC’ed me in on an email to MBD Credit Solutions asking them to close the account on their side as it was outsourced in error. I did a credit check earlier and there are no current listings either on Transunion ITC nor Experian. 

2 thoughts on “HelloPeter Complaint – Augopage Cellular Harassment.

  1. Will be very interesting to see how long they take to even respond to you and let you know that you’ve been cleared of everything.

  2. I handle all our company cell phone contracts, at one stage I had more than 200 contracts with Autopage. At present I have 3. The people working there are the most incompetent that I have come across. You just get hold of someone to sort out a query – you don’t get a reply when you follow up that person is no longer there and the whole process starts again. As our contracts comes to an end I port it to other service providers. I have ported a contract in June 2014. Autopage still invoice us every month and deduct if from our bank account for the contract fee only even though the new service provider bill us for a contract fee and usage. I have an endless battle with them, they have sent me an e-mail to say they will credit us and the following day I got a message that they are doing a credit check on the company. I don’t know if we will ever get the credit. Thank goodness I only have 3 more lines to port then I am finally done with Autopage.

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