Lessons from Raymond Ackerman

I was privileged to have breakfast with Raymond Ackerman and a small
group of Cape Town entrepreneurs last weekend.

Here are some of the things he shared:

– Remain positive!

– 90% guts, 10% capital

– Follow your personal feelings (he was fired from Greatermans
in part because they said he was “too emotional”)

– Don???t squash ideas

– See people (always)

– Do everything ??? get involved/show interest in everything

– Always look for opportunities

– ???LISTEN??? ??? and shake hands with everyone (I see RA is very
good at remembering names)

– Keep an open mind

– Foundation = 4 legs of the table: 1) Good admin , 2) great
service, 3) Sales/promo/social responsibility (???give back???), 4) People
(promote from within, pay well, recognize etc)

– Main aim of a business is not to make money but to make the
???customer sovereign???

– Pick n Pay expects a big fight with Walmart and have a plan
mapped out for the coming years

– Prediction ??? tough times for 3 or 4 months then a good 2012

– Be positive (intelligently) and read (like Mandela did for 27
years) – spoke about Viktor Frankl???s stores on how Holocaust survivors
had almst irrational hope

– Constitution must be defended ??? ???free enterprise is
essential??? + ???government can???t run business???

– ???Head in the sky with feet on the ground???

– Always innovate

– Be positive (repeat)