From Silicon Cape to Silicon Beach

I’ll be leaving South Africa in early August to seek new adventures.

Although I have several gripes with South Africa, in particular with how corruption is affecting all levels of life, I’ve also learnt that I thrive in difficult environments where I can make a significant impact. So in short, although I won’t simply “shaddap and emigrate” about these gripes, they aren’t the main reason for going into entrepreneurial, as opposed to political, exile right now.
Ultimately, I’m keen on a new adventure. I have a young family and find myself becoming more and more comfortable with life in Cape Town. But I’ve also had plenty of exposure to technology industries in the last few years, through travelling to places such as Korea, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Cambridge(UK) and Silicon Valley. These places have left me with a sense that “there’s more out there” and a deep-rooted feeling of Wanderlust. From a career point-of-view, I have to go and swim in a bigger pond!
I could have picked any of the above locales to start a new adventure, but visa-wise, Australia was the simplest as I already have permanent residence. Despite the cliches, I also happen to really like Australia, especially for its friendliness to entrepreneurs and small business.


I’m not sure yet what I will be doing once I get there! I have some startup ideas and may also look to join one of the several tech companies or VC firms in Sydney.


Right now, all i have is a one-way ticket and faith in the universe!



2 thoughts on “From Silicon Cape to Silicon Beach

  1. I don’t think you ever need to justify why you’re leaving South Africa, whether it be just for now or for good. I think you have contributed wonderfully to the tech scene, if not more than just tech, in Cape Town and South Africa as a whole. I have always looked up to you and I think you are a gentleman and a scholar. I look forward to following your adventures down under.I am impressed (and slightly jealous) with the gutsy leap and I don’t doubt your ability to make success of whatever you do next. God speed and all the best Henk! 🙂

  2. Sir Henk!!You will do wonderfully well in the land of wonder, the land down under :)Congrats and all the very very best, travel well and what a great excuse to come visit Aussie land again!Love to the family and if there is anything I can do to help let me know dear chap,Chris

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