Blink Tower’s Prize Winning Open Education Video

In 2010 I co-founded Blink Tower with Adrian Burger and Elodie Kleynhans to make amazing animated explainer videos. 

I knew from my involvement with Cape Town startups that there were many great technologies and products that were not getting the attention, or the customers, they deserved. 

Technology is the greatest democratizing force in modern history, so helping tech companies explain their products is something very close to my heart. 

Of course, the greatest democratizing force throughout all the ages is education. 

So when you combine technology and education, I get really excited!

Earlier this year Blink Tower entered the Creative Commons “Why Open Education Matters” Video competition to help explain to the public at large and lawmakers in particular how technology can help provide free and better education resources to teachers and students. The competition was sponsored by Creative Commons, the US Department of Education, the Miro Community and Open Society Foundations. Judges included major Hollywood directors & actors, the head of the Mozilla Foundation and more! 

Blink Tower created the brilliant video above and beat out 60 other great competitors to win the 1st prize!