Mate of the Week:

It’s not every day I rave about a Software product or web app. Well, okay, I’ve raved before about Balsamiq Mockups, Evernote, Highrise and a few others… 

But it’s only the really good ones that get my attention. And is a good one. 

Basically, is web app for software developers, product managers and other stakeholders to prioritize and manage the development process for features, tasks, defects (bugs) and tests. 

Nothing new there… you can also look at JIRA, PivotalTracker, TargetProcess and many others. The difference is that does it (a) right and (b) beautifully. 

It integrates well with email (JIRA doesn’t), provides a Kanban style dashboard with easy click & drag (PivotalTracker doesn’t), and automatically updates stories/items whenever developers commit to Github. 

Its ease-of-use is miles ahead of the pack, which is a crucial factor when you need to convince other team members to change systems. 

If you have a distributed software team and you’re struggling to keep up to date with what everyone is working on, may just be your new best friend. 



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