Open Letter to Qantas – Carbon Offset and Vegetarian Options

Hello folks,

On your website you claim that Qantas is serious about the environment and you request other businesses to get serious about it to. 

Yet, of the 4 meal options that I can pre-select, 4 contain meat:Screenshot 2015-02-24 19.11.45


There is no vegetarian option, neither is there any way to select a vegetarian meal when booking. I enquired about this on Twitter, and Aimee responded that “Special Meal” requests must be made 24 hours before departure. How?

Of all airlines I have flown (typically 3 to 4 international flights per year), Qantas makes it the hardest to request a vegetarian meal. I’ve tried online, by phone and at check-in.

Fortunately, your on-board staff have been consistently excellent and have always managed to “make a plan” to serve me a vegetarian meal.

If you are truly serious about reducing your environmental impact, removing (or at the very least, reducing) meat from your menus is an important first step. Perhaps have 3 amazing vegetarian options, and 1 meat option for anyone who thinks they are actually a carnivore and that humans need to eat meat at every single meal. And then ask them for the carbon offset donations common to airlines these days… Vegetarians’ footprint is already half 🙂

You get to save the planet, reduce animal suffering AND you save money!

So what’s stopping you?

Kind regards,
Henk Kleynhans

p.s. Here are some quick calculations showing how massive an impact this simple change can actually have