Open Letter to Qantas – Carbon Offset and Vegetarian Options

Hello folks,

On your website you claim that Qantas is serious about the environment and you request other businesses to get serious about it to. 

Yet, of the 4 meal options that I can pre-select, 4 contain meat:Screenshot 2015-02-24 19.11.45


There is no vegetarian option, neither is there any way to select a vegetarian meal when booking. I enquired about this on Twitter, and Aimee responded that “Special Meal” requests must be made 24 hours before departure. How?

Of all airlines I have flown (typically 3 to 4 international flights per year), Qantas makes it the hardest to request a vegetarian meal. I’ve tried online, by phone and at check-in.

Fortunately, your on-board staff have been consistently excellent and have always managed to “make a plan” to serve me a vegetarian meal.

If you are truly serious about reducing your environmental impact, removing (or at the very least, reducing) meat from your menus is an important first step. Perhaps have 3 amazing vegetarian options, and 1 meat option for anyone who thinks they are actually a carnivore and that humans need to eat meat at every single meal. And then ask them for the carbon offset donations common to airlines these days… Vegetarians’ footprint is already half 🙂

You get to save the planet, reduce animal suffering AND you save money!

So what’s stopping you?

Kind regards,
Henk Kleynhans

p.s. Here are some quick calculations showing how massive an impact this simple change can actually have

2 thoughts on “Open Letter to Qantas – Carbon Offset and Vegetarian Options

  1. Dear Henk

    Thanks for taking the time to connect with us about our on-board meal options.

    We are very conscious of the need to provide a range of meals that appeal to all our customers. The selection of meals is regularly updated and differs based on customer feedback, the specific demographics of a flight, class of travel, time of departure, flight duration, the departure and destination cultural influences, and the season.

    I am pleased to advise that there is a vegetarian meal featuring in Economy on all flights from Australia to Singapore, Bangkok, Manila, Shanghai and Jakarta from this Sunday, plus on many more of our menus around the world in all classes. Our new Economy meal is a beautiful stir fried tofu with black fungi, rice noodles and soy beans that will hopefully be popular with our customers. This meal is available online via our Select on Q feature up to 12 hours prior to departure.

    We also have the ability for all customers to pre-order (24 hours prior) a vegetarian meal specific to their requirements either online or through our Contact Centres. To cater for everyone’s needs we offer a range of vegetarian and vegan options:
    • Vegetarian (Asian Indian Style): Contain dairy products and is suitable for Hindu vegetarians
    • Vegetarian (Lacto Ovo): Do not contain meat, fish or seafood but may contain dairy products such as milk, butter, cheese and eggs or foods containing these
    • Vegetarian (Oriental): Contain vegetables, fruit, rice noodles and can contain nuts
    • Vegetarian (Strict Indian): Does not contain any eggs, dairy or bulbous vegetables and is suitable for Hindu vegetarians
    • Vegan: Contain fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and pulses and do not contain any animal products such as meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, milk or honey

    Qantas participates in a range of environmentally sustainable activities including waste audits in our catering centres, recycling of product (where customs and quarantine regulations allow), organic waste composting at our Mascot facility, water reduction initiatives, and introducing sustainable packaging solutions.

    Thanks again for taking the time to connect with us. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any further assistance.


    Andrew Diamond
    Manager Menu Development
    International Customer Experience – Food and Beverage

    Qantas Airways Limited

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