People don’t care about your ideals. They care about what you’ve accomplished based on your ideals.

"People don't care about your ideals. They care about what you've accomplished based on your ideals." – Me

Okay, so I'm pretty much just paraphrasing well-worn wisdom here. But I thought it's relevant when writing copy for your website or press releases.??

Airlines Going Vegetarian Could Lead to Massive Carbon Offset

If every American ate just one meat-free meal per week, the emissions
savings would be the same as taking more than 5 million cars off our
roads” –


Unfortunately the article above doesn’t say over what time period, but
I assume over the lifespan of the average American, which is 78 years.


There are an estimated 300 million Americans, so you’re talking
roughly 15.6 billion vegetarian meals (300 million * 52) per year being
the equivalent of taking 5 million cars off the planet’s roads.


There are projected to be 2.75 billion airline passengers in 2011


Assuming 1 meal per flight, and that 75% of current meals are
non-vegetarian, you’re looking at 2.62 billion meals.


Now, if all of those meals were to become vegetarian, the offset would
be equivalent to taking 840,000 cars off the planets roads.


The question now becomes how we can ‘nudge’ the airlines to make this “small but big change”