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Are you a Technotarian?

… the “good people” of the internet who believe in the fundamental rights of individuals to be free, have free speech, fight hypocrisy and stand behind logic, technology and science over religion, political structure and tradition. These are the people who build and support things like Wikileaks, Anonymous, Linux and Wikipedia. They think that people can, and should, govern themselves. They are against external forms of control such as DRM, laws that are bought and sold by lobbyists, and religions like Scientology.  

From this article (about BitCoins & their makers) by Jason Calacanis

Nokia kills Symbian – Suicide?

As you may have read, Nokia just announced that they will be killing the Symbian OS and start using Windows Phone 7 for its smartphones. 

My question is obviously: Why not go Android? From the Washington Post article: 

At a briefing in London, Elop told reporters that Nokia also considered Google’s Android but didn’t think it could differentiate its phones from all the other Android hardware on the market and on the way.

Wait a minute… Wasn’t the problem to start with that Symbian was so vastly “differentiated”?

Although Windows 7 reviews have been favourable, If Nokia wants to “catch up” it could ride the wave (tsunami?) of an Open Source platform that has a large & growing developer and user base. 

I would think that many of today’s Android developers started out being Nokia users & developers and would continue to use & promote Nokia’s excellent high-quality hardware.

What do you think?





Google Android Hackathon Wi-Fi Network Statistics

Skyrove Promo

Network summary | Jan 5 2011


  • 62 distinct clients transferred data over your Meraki network.
  • 2.5 GB of data was transferred.

Top APs by usage

Name Model Usage

# Clients
1 Promo MR14 MR14 1.64 GB 63
2 MR16 MR16 768.6 MB 50
3 MR12 MR12 none 0

AP models

Model # APs Usage Avg usage per AP

MR14 1 1.64 GB 1.64 GB
MR16 1 768.6 MB 768.6 MB
MR12 1 none none

SSID usage

SSID Encryption # Clients

% Clients Usage % Usage
G South Africa 2.4 GHz WPA2 47 73.4% 1.66 GB 66.4%
G South Africa 5 GHz WPA2 22 34.4% 592.6 MB 23.2%
Skyrove Speakers WPA2 3 4.7% 266.4 MB 10.4%

Top applications by usage

Application Usage

% Usage
1 Google HTTPS 475.9 MB 31.4%
2 Google 426.1 MB 28.1%
3 Miscellaneous web 132.5 MB 8.7%
4 Host-based email (POP3/IMAP/SMTP) 80.7 MB 5.3%
5 Gmail 78.3 MB 5.2%
6 Twitter 66.4 MB 4.4%
7 Miscellaneous secure web 62.8 MB 4.1%
8 UDP 49.4 MB 3.3%
9 43.8 MB 2.9%
10 Facebook 17.5 MB 1.2%

Top clients by usage

Description Manufacturer Operating system Usage

% Usage
1 ANDROIDZA Microsystems Windows 7 481.1 MB 18.8%
2 thumbphillip Intel Linux 336.9 MB 13.2%
3 bstclair-macbookpro Apple Other 214.8 MB 8.4%
4 ZEUS Intel Windows 7 209.4 MB 8.2%
5 cobalt Apple Mac OS X 165.9 MB 6.5%
6 MacBook-Air Apple Mac OS X 150.8 MB 5.9%
7 JOHANELS-TOSH Intel Windows 7 150.0 MB 5.9%
8 user-26e24f65ad Intel Windows XP 66.8 MB 2.6%
9 MacBook Apple Mac OS X 64.6 MB 2.5%
10 Richard-HP Intel Windows 7 46.4 MB 1.8%

Top operating systems

Operating system # Clients

% Clients Usage % Usage
1 Mac OS X 14 21.9% 544.1 MB 21.3%
2 Windows 7 11 17.2% 1014.4 MB 39.7%
3 Linux 10 15.6% 491.8 MB 19.2%
4 Android 10 15.6% 58.7 MB 2.3%
5 Apple iPhone 6 9.4% 20.3 MB 0.8%
6 Other 5 7.8% 267.3 MB 10.5%
7 Windows 7/Vista 4 6.2% 86.1 MB 3.4%
8 Windows XP 1 1.6% 66.8 MB 2.6%
9 Windows Vista 1 1.6% 8.6 MB 0.3%
10 Nokia/Symbian 1 1.6% 10 KB <0.1%

Top device manufacturers

Manufacturer # Clients

% Clients Usage % Usage
1 Apple 24 37.5% 824.7 MB 32.2%
2 Intel 16 25.0% 995.0 MB 38.9%
3 HTC 7 10.9% 21.5 MB 0.8%
4 AzureWave 4 6.2% 68.8 MB 2.7%
5 Hon Hai/Foxconn 3 4.7% 67.2 MB 2.6%
6 Samsung 3 4.7% 34.4 MB 1.3%
7 Askey 2 3.1% 47.0 MB 1.8%
8 Microsystems 1 1.6% 481.1 MB 18.8%
9 Samsung ELECTRO-MECHANICS 1 1.6% 10.0 MB 0.4%
10 Lite-On 1 1.6% 8.6 MB 0.3%

Tech Startup? You need an Animated Explainer!

Video done by BlinkTower, a Cape Town company specializing in Animated Explainers.??

Top Ten Twitter Users in Cape Town

1. Locnville


Ranking is based on Follower/Following ratio for users with more than 1,000 followers. The Top 9 all have ratios of >3.


Although I’m not a Top Ten Twitterer, you can still read my tweets at
Thanks goes to Twitterholic for the stats!

Skyrove to Take on Mobile Incumbents

??????TechCentral Republished with permission – Full Article


Skyrove, a specialist??wireless hotspot company, plans to launch an audacious bid for national radio frequency spectrum and, if it gets it, it plans to build a network to take on the country???s incumbent mobile operators.

The company, run by CEO Henk Kleynhans, plans to participate in an auction for national radio frequency in the 2,6GHz band. The auction, the first of its kind in SA, is set to take place in the next few months and involves spectrum at both 2,6GHz and 3,5GHz. It???s expected that the spectrum will be used to provide broadband access using third- and, later, fourth-generation wireless technologies.

Skyrove???s shareholders include venture capital firm 4Di Capital, which is ultimately owned by Reinet Investments (formerly Richemont), led by billionaire businessman Johann Rupert. Another shareholder is well-known East London-born Internet entrepreneur Vinny Lingham, the man behind fast-growing international website

Skyrove has built technology that allows anyone to set up a Wi-Fi hotspot and earn an income by sharing their Internet access with others.

But now Kleynhans wants to take his business to the national stage, and thinks he has a model that will allow smaller players in the market to take on the giant operators in the industry.

Unlike other companies that are expected to bid for the spectrum ??? the mobile operators and larger Internet service providers are likely to be keen participants in the auction ??? Skyrove plans to share its infrastructure with other industry players if it wins the bid.

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WASP subscribing people illegally to XXXmobi

My wife received this SMS today, out of the blue:

Welcome to XXXmobi. In a moment u will receive a link to access all the latest mobile content. R4.99/day cc 086 110 6472. To Unsubscribe, dial *120*40853#??
A short while later, the following came through:
Welcome to XXXMobi. To download content go to Bookmark this page for later use.
I really think there is a special place in hell for companies like XXXMobi and the WASPs that facilitate them.??
What’s the best way to deal with these issues WITHOUT spending much time on it???
Here are the details of the man behind
Alan Zimmerman (I wonder if it’s the same one on Crowdfund’s Investors-to-be list?)??
082 8xx xxxx
?? is NOT listed as a WASPA member.
Okay, so Alan is the CTO at Mira Networks, which is a WASPA member run by Gareth Ochse. is possibly a division or even a customer of Mira Networks. I’ve removed Alan Zimmermann’s contact details in the meantime, but they’ll go up again if I don’t get a satisfactory response from Mira and WASPA. The way I understand it, Mira is responsible for their clients complying to the WASPA Code of Conduct.??
I’ve therefore submitted the following complaint:
My wife, Althea, received the following SMS today on her phone (074 1xxx xxx):
“Welcome to XXXmobi. In a moment u will receive a link to access all the latest mobile content. R4.99/day cc 086 110 6472. To Unsubscribe, dial *120*40853# “
A short while later, she received the following SMS:
“Welcome to XXXMobi. To download content go to Bookmark this page for later use.”
She had to jump through a whole range of complex menu selections to unsubscribe and only managed to do it on the 3rd attempt!!!??
I wish for an example to be made.??
My wife works as a Programme Developer at an NGO in Khayelitsha. She is busy doing her Masters in Disability Studies. We have an 11 month old son. ??
The issue at is not simply the attempted theft of ~R1800 per year, but rather the time that was wasted of a productive South African.??
For shame! ??

All the Batteries on Earth…


All the batteris on Earth can store only 10 minutes of the world's electricity needs.

Wi-Fi Speedtest at NetProphet