A Big, Big Year for Silicon Mzansi

  MWEB, Vox, Nexus, Imagine and Afrihost all launched affordable uncapped consumer internet packages just in the last week! 

PayPal finally launched today in South Africa! Standard Bank is launching ‘Instant Money’ and Vodafone announed last month they’ll be bringing us M-PESA

You could say I’ve been giddy with excitement. But, of course, getting PayPal, M-PESA and Uncapped Broadband YEARS after the rest of the world pales in comparison with how excited I get when faced with the opportunity to hear South African entrepreneurs reveal the products they’ve been working on. 

Next week the Silicon Cape Initiative will be having its much anticipated 2nd networking event. This time, instead of having a successful entrepreneur giving a talk, there will be a dozen or so entrepreneurs revealing brand new ideas and businesses to the Silicon Cape community what they’ve been working on in their garages (or heads!). These talks will be done in the format of a 60 second elevator pitch. That way, our intrepid entrepreneurs will be forced to say exactly what their product does. 

No time for history, market projections or product demos (unless you talk really, really fast)

So if you have the next Yastic, Personera or ChessCube lurking on your server, please come and tell us about it. Remember, stealth is for fighter jets, not startups. And if you’re an angel investor or VC firm, be sure not to miss out on a great opportunity

All you have to do is send an email to events@siliconcape.com with a short outline of what you’ll be talking about. (i.e. your elevator pitch 🙂

Pioneers like FNB/PayPal and MWEB have now created hugely to creating the environment for creating Silicon Cape startups. Anything is now possible. Let’s see what comes out next…